When Turtle Island Development started construction on Serangan Island, they dredged out the waters between the island of Serangan and Sanur beach to form a deep wide lagoon. This tranquil bay is well protected from the open sea by the offshore reef.

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The entrance is marked by port and starboard buoys which are quite small and hard to see at a distance. Yachts approaching from the north should steer for the arrival waypoint, (08° 43.52 S. 115° 16′.40 E) being careful not to get too close to the reef running along the shoreline.

The course from the arrival waypoint to the entrance waypoint (1) is due West (270°). There are strong crosscurrents across this leg and it may be necessary to put in a course correction. So keep a close eye on the GPS.

Upon reaching waypoint (1) (08° 43′.52 S. 115° 15′.46 E) the entrance buoys can be seen quite clearly. The course is still 270° m.

The entrance waypoint between the buoys is (08° 43′ 49 S,   115° 15′. 00 E)

The depth between the buoys is 7 meters at Low Water Springs. Once inside the depth varies between 12 & 15 meters. The course from the entrance to the moorings is 300 ° m.

There is plenty of space to anchor should you wish and the Jetty is close to the shore

The local Harbour Master will be pleased to deal with any formal paperwork with a smile and a warm handshake.

Although great care has been taken to check the directions given buymyhouse7, the author is in no way responsible for the safe navigation of vessels using this information.

People using C Map system be warned that it may not be accurate in this area.